Spiritual Warfare:

The Multifaceted Lies We Believe

Are you looking to grow in your spiritual walk through life? Do you feel like you're in a constant battle and you don't know how to win? Then this ebook is for you!

Spiritual Warfare: The Multifaceted Lies We Believe will help you understand the what's really going on around you, and teach you how to overcome the enemy through self reflection. You'll learn about Sierra's transformational power of God's love, and how she allows Him to work in through her while getting valuable information channeled. If you're ready for spiritual growth, then don't miss out on this ebook. Buy it today and start your journey to a new and better life!

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About The Author:

Sierra Grana is a Soul Gratifying Coach, Medium and Speaker who guides leaders, pioneers and generational curse breakers through their darkest moments to bring them towards their light. Before starting her coaching career, Sierra was a Licensed Massage Therapist and held upper management positions over a 12 year span. After a successful but stressful career, Sierra shifted into what ignited her Soul: helping people live in the moment. With an undeniable Divine Aura, she has become the go to person for others who have lost their way. Sierra channels Spirit to help create authenticity, freedom, love, and joy with ease. Sierra is a devoted wife and mother who enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, traveling and sports. She is available for transformational coaching and healing retreats.

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